Nipple Reconstruction

What is a Nipple Reconstruction?

Dr. Davis offers many different surgical modalities to treat pathology of the nipple including correction of inverted nipples to reconstruction after trauma or cancer treatment. Nipple reconstruction is an integral part of breast reconstruction and shown to improve overall patient satisfaction. The goals of nipple reconstruction are to recreate projection and improve symmetry. Nipple Tattooing can be performed after nipple reconstruction to correct pigmentation.

What to Expect:

Nipple reconstruction can be performed under local anesthesia.  Small incisions or skin flaps are designed depending on the existing pathology. The duration of the procedure is 1 hour.


Soft dressings are applied to the nipples. On day 5 the dressings are removed and a sport bra can be worn. Avoidance of pressure to the nipple for at least 4 weeks after surgery is recommended to maximize the amount of projection.

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