Before and After Gallery

Patient Case 1

This patient is in her 30s and developed significant lower abdominal adiposity and diastasis after childbirth.  She underwent a tummy tuck and liposuction to her sides. She is 6 months post-op. Her scar will gradually fade with time.

Patient Case 2

The patient is in her 40s and developed deflation and drooping of her breast after breastfeeding.  She also developed significant rectus diastasis which you can appreciate on the lateral views.  She underwent breast augmentation with lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction to her sides.

Patient Case 3

The patient is a 60 year-old female that developed significant skin laxity and “drooping” in the buttock region.  She is 3 months post-op from a buttock lift.

Patient Case 4

The patient is a 35 year-old female that developed ” drooping” of her breast after breast feeding and adioposity and rectus diastasis of the abdomen after pregnancy.  She underwent a breast lift, tummy tuck and flank liposuction.

Patient Case 5

The patient is a 55 year-old female that underwent a tummy tuck.  She works out on a regular basis, however after menopause developed adiposity in the abdominal region that did not respond to diet or exercise. 

Patient Case 6

The patient is a 60 year-old female that underwent an arm lift to improve muscle definition.

Patient Case 7

The patient is a 36 year-old female that underwent breast revision surgery.  She had a previous augmentation, however wanted to improve cleavage area.  She underwent breast implant exchange with a periareolar breast lift. 

Patient Case 8

The patient is in her late 60s and underwent fat grafting to the hands to improve volume deflation of the hands.